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Bull goes wild at Baseball rally



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At a student rally on Saturday morning, one of the Longhorn bull mascots got out of its pen and began to attack the students and supporters as they were meeting to increase school spirit in preparations for this Wednesdays baseball game against the UCLA Bruins.

Students had gathered at dawn saturday for a rally meant to inspire the baseball team and its supporters, as they begin their west coast swing including stops in Arizona, UCLA and Oregon. If the Longhorns can win 2-3, or if UCLA loses its game against UT and one other game, then the Longhorns will make it into the college world series.

Sophomore Pitcher Ty Hollingsworth, described the incident as chaotic, and seemed to begin with the discharge of a firearm into the rafters. this freaked out one of the mascots on stage who flew into a fury, goring one student as it lunged out of its pen.

Campus authorities are not mentioning the identity of the injured student, nor will they confirm the extent of the injuries, but multiple eyewitness accounts describe a student being thrown into the air by the rampaging beast.

The Texas Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals began protesting the use of these bulls as the mascots for the university, Chapter Founder Zach Wellington claims that by housing these animals in spall pens and making them center stage of public events such an attack is “Inevitable”. However, the university Boosters disagree, and claim that this incident, while tragic, is a rare Occurrence and could have been prevented by following the Longhorn Mascot Guidelines outlined on their website.

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